Where would you be tonight if you were not here at the emergency shelter?

"In a campsite out of doors or on the streets afraid to actually sleep."

"I would be sleeping in my car, parked in the street with my 5 kids."

"In a bad place, maybe on the street, scared, depressed."

"...most likely back at the San Diego airport to sleep."

"Me and my 3 children would be on the sidewalk sleeping on the street."

What about the emergency shelter are you most grateful for?

"The dinners and breakfasts as well as a place to shower and attend to grooming inside so that I can face the day of job interviews and appointments with a positive point of view."

"Giving us a bed, blankets, personal items, a place to take a shower, food..."

"...feeling hope. Knowing that people care."

"That they took me in when I had nowhere to go..."

"I'm most grateful for having a clean safe place for me and my family to stay and that we can all be together as a family so I can concentrate on my studies and look for work."

"I am grateful that we are under a roof and we have a bed and blankets. My kids feel safe..."

"The hot meals and a warm place for me and my children to lay our heads."

"The compassionate treatment I get from the staff and volunteers – they're the best!"

"To have somewhere to lay my head (me and my baby)."

What would you like to tell people who give money to the Mission?

"Thank you for your generous hearts and pocketbooks! That your gifts are truly helping those that find themselves on the streets back into self-sufficiency."

"Thank you... My family really appreciates your help and praise God for your generosity."

"... I got 'jumped'…it made the world of a difference that I had a safe place to go...thank you!"

"I would first thank them for having the compassion in their heart to help the homeless. And I would tell them how much NVH has helped me and my family and how great the staff have been to me…being here is giving me the time I need to get back on my feet."

"That they will never truly understand what a HUGE difference they are making in our lives."