3 Ways to Provide HOPE this Christmas

YOUR GIVING is bringing people off the streets this Christmas.

The “Christmas Story” isn’t fiction, fable, or fairytale. It’s God’s reassuring Truth! Christ was born to bring hope to a troubled world and healing to broken souls. During Christmas and all year round, we’re driven to bring this message of hope to our students at the San Diego Rescue Mission.

As you experience the joy of the Christmas Season, will you remember those in need as well?

Here are three ways YOU can provide hope for our homeless in San Diego this Christmas:

San Diego Rescue Mission

Be Intentional

Antoinette and her family had only been in California a short time, trying to find work and a place to live, when they ran out of money. It was Christmas Day when she met a pastor who kindly connected with her and told her about the Rescue Mission. 1 year later, she’s graduated the program and is stepping into new, independent life with her son. Reaching out and being intentional with those you meet on the streets this holiday season could change their life forever! As you’re off work and spending time with family, try to connect with those in need around you.

Gift Catalog

Alternative Gift Catalog

What do you get for the family member or friend who has everything? Good question. Consider giving on behalf of others through our Christmas Gift Catalog here.

Gifts like shower packs ($35), Meals (24 for $50), Job Training Pack ($120), Safe Shelter ($150), and more are all great ways to bless someone in need on behalf of a loved one. Imagine waking up Christmas morning knowing you housed a man experiencing homelessness the night before, or provided a text book for a mom going back to school in January, or gave a child a hot and healthy meal for the Holiday. Click here to see how you can make a lasting impact for Christmas.

Resolve to give HOPE in the New Year

Consider providing consistent, essential care for students through Monthly Giving on our Home Team. YOU are the life source that allows our students to recover, rehabilitate, and overcome homelessness! By giving monthly, you can provide students the care and resources to finish the program and step into new life. A monthly gift helps get people off the streets permanently in San Diego.