Alive “by the grace of God”

A high school athlete, Michael grew up playing basketball, football and golf and earning MVP honors.

He began work, married and had two wonderful daughters who loved having their dad at practices, dance recitals and plays.

But at 45, a surgery left him in pain and resulted in an addiction to opiates.
Michael continued to work, but the addiction eventually overpowered him and he hit rock bottom.

Within the space of a year, Michael lost his job, his father died and his wife divorced him.

After trying several rehab programs close to home, Michael came to our Men’s Center. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. When radiation left him weak and exhausted and he developed pneumonia, he transferred to our Recuperative Care Center.

In his weakened condition, Michael fell, fracturing his arm in ten places! A month in the hospital was followed by two weeks in a skilled nursing facility before Michael could return to the Recuperative Care Center. But by that time, he had lost over 100 pounds!

Recovering from his ordeal, Michael reentered the 12-month residential recovery program at our Men’s Center, where he’s being transformed “from the inside out.”

Not only is his faith growing, but he’s encouraging four friends from the Recuperative Care Program to join him in recovery, and has taken some of the men in recovery “under his wing.”

Not so very long ago, Michael found this devotional which he now carries in his wallet: “Father God, I want to live by faith, believing Your promises and knowing that You welcome me into Your kingdom. Enlarge my faith, I pray.”

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