0914_SDR_NL_02A life rededicated

“Sleeping under the Commercial Street Bridge.” That was Jane’s address before she came to the Rescue Mission. The Neil Good Day Center was where she showered. She spent her days on the street drinking and smoking marijuana.

“I knew I had to go into a residential treatment program,” she says. “When I was at Neil

Good, they told me about a program at San Diego Rescue Mission.”

Jane made her way to the Rescue Mission and filled out an application for the 12-month residential recovery program at our Women and Children’s Center. Jane hopes this program will provide the help she needs to get back on her feet and put hope back in her life.

In addition to classes and counseling, Jane attends devotions each morning and chapel in the evening. “I have always been close to God,” she says. “But this started motivating me to get closer to Him.”

In addition to her work here at the Rescue Mission, Jane has pursued the training that will allow her to renew her license as a state certified phlebotomist (a person trained to draw blood).

“I love working with people, and God put it on my heart to get my certification current. Here at the Rescue Mission, they’re teaching me to be patient and humble, to let Him be first in my life and all things will follow.”

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