Getting his priorities straight!

1014_SDR_NL_02Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why the men’s residential program here at the Rescue Mission is a full 12 months. Even then, outside pressures can cause a relapse. But we know the program works; that’s why we welcome men like Peter back when they need additional support!

Peter was addicted to drugs and alcohol. So he came to the Rescue Mission, worked hard for 12 months, graduated, and got a great job offer managing a halfway house. “I was doing really good,” Peter says. “I started school at City College taking classes in drug education, psychology and sociology with a 3.0 grade average.”

Peter accepted a second job, and it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. He was working at the sober living house, going to school and working the graveyard shift at another job. “I had too much on my plate, and started drinking again.”

But Peter was smart. Before the problem got out of hand, he came to the Rescue Mission and got back into the program.

“I had lost my focus,” Peter says today. “I was still going to AA meetings, but I had quit going to church.”

Peter not only returned to the program, he returned to church, becoming part of the fellowship at OB One, where he’s a volunteer with the children’s ministry. “They are like a family to me,” Peter says with a grin. “Working with the kids has changed my life.

There is something inside me that just fills with hope and happiness when I do that. It’s something that money can’t buy!”

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