An answer to my prayers!”

14-10SDRMFor thirty years, Anna has been praying. “Please Lord, fill the holes I feel in my life.” “Lord, take away the problems with drugs and abuse and brokenness of every kind.” “Give me a place where I can find hope, Lord – a place that knows You!”

When she thought that her prayers were going unheard and unanswered, Anna filled the holes with drugs that “numbed the pain and made things disappear.” “I would allow bad things to happen to me because of the abuse and the way I was raised,” she says. “I didn’t love myself.”

Then, she found San Diego Rescue Mission, and her prayers were answered!

Anna and her son, Daniel, were guests at our Nueva Vida Haven emergency shelter for women and children for nearly two months. But from the very first night, people began talking with her about the program at our Women and Children’s Center that could help her make permanent changes in her life.

I was so terrified that it would somehow all disappear,” Anna remembers. “I had been disappointed by every single person in my life – my parents, foster parents. But now I know God made me for a purpose and it’s okay for me to love myself and heal from the past.”

Anna’s love for herself became immediately apparent in her dress. When she first came to the Rescue Mission, she didn’t comb her hair, and she wore a rag on top of her head and flip flops on her feet. Her sense of worthlessness was expressed in the way she looked.

One of our staff members challenged her to “dress up” for a class. “It felt good,” Anna says today. “So I started doing it two days a week, and then three. Now, there’s only one day I wear sweats to be comfortable. I actually gave some of my clothes away to another woman who needed help!”

I was so tired of not having hope,” Anna says. “Then, the Lord sent me here!

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