Christine began using drugs when she was 21, a struggle that continued for the next 25 years. “I was doing crystal meth for so many years, that my life was just getting shorter and shorter,” she says.

“I needed to straighten out my life. I needed to get a better way of thinking and a better way of living because I was tired of doing drugs.”

Christine entered and completed a local recovery program, but relapsed, lost her housing, and wound up on the street. She entered another recovery program, but felt humiliated there. “I couldn’t have them belittling me, so I left and ended up back on the streets again,” she says.

A woman Christine met months earlier had told her about San Diego Rescue Mission and she decided to come to Nueva Vida Haven, the Mission’s emergency shelter for women. Not long after, she entered the Mission’s 12-month recovery program.

“I didn’t know much about God before I came here, because I was not from a religious family. I never had God in my life,” she says. “Now that I’m here, I’m learning more about God and His word. You learn the beautiful things that Jesus did for us, and it’s great. If you start getting God in your life, and you know about the Lord, everything that He does in His word, then your life will start changing for the better.”

Since joining the program, Christine has served as a floor intern, worked at the Mission’s front desk, and substituted when other residents couldn’t do their shifts. She is also going to school full-time, taking computer classes necessary to become certified as a front desk office assistant. “Every time I do something really good on the computer, that’s so neat!” she says.

Christine’s future looks bright and she has a new outlook on life, one that is steeped in praise and gratitude.

“I love what God has done for me. He’s changed my life immensely,” she says. “It’s a blessing and I love Him.”

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