“Here, you’re a person who matters to someone!”

1016_sdr_nl_02There were early indications that Robin’s husband was abusive. Then, the isolation, the insults and occasional “shoves” became violent outbursts after their son was born.

Fearing for her and her baby’s safety, she fled just days short of her son’s first birthday, reaching out to a friend who told her about our Emergency Shelter for Women and Children.

Walking away from everything she knew was scary, and Robin’s first night in the shelter with nearly 60 other women and children was overwhelming. “There were so many people, so much activity.”

Overcome, Robin sat down and cried.

That night was a long one – the baby kept crawling onto other people’s mattresses. But with a new day, came new hope: Robin entered the Rescue Mission’s year-long residential recovery program.

With her son attending a local Head Start program, Robin was able to focus on herself, her relationship with God and her classes here at the Rescue Mission. Her goal: Go back to school and pursue a degree in social work that will enable her to help others in her situation.

Having a young son, one of the things Robin appreciates most about her time here at the Rescue Mission are the “little extras” provided for the women and children. “When I first got here, someone donated tickets to the aquarium. The opportunity to share that with my son and experience normalcy in our lives was so precious.”

“I want to say ‘THANK YOU’ to those who make such gifts possible. It’s a reminder that you’re a person who matters to someone.”

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