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Alumni Videos

What does lasting transformation look like?

Follow Alumni of Mission Academy to see their journeys of healing and recovery and how their lives have continued to flourish years after graduating from our residential program. Watch our Alumni Series videos.

Witness amazing transformations in these powerful testimonies of lives restored.

Tranquilino's Story
preschool classes for homeless children

Tranquilino, Mission Academy

Crystal's Story
preschool classes for homeless children

Crystal, Mission Academy

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recovery program for men in san diego

Invest Monthly in Ongoing Life Change

Consider becoming a monthly giving partner.

When you become part of the Home Team, you are a lifeline for people experiencing homelessness, abuse, poverty and addiction – putting other’s needs above your own.

You’ll be investing in lasting life change, providing faith-based recovery, life skills and job training for our city’s most vulnerable souls.

Your monthly, auto-recurring giving will ensure consistent financial support for struggling men, women and children.

Will you be a Home Team hero?

how to help the homeless

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