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Real Stories

Every day, hearts & lives are made new.


Lives Change Here!

Through a holistic approach to rehabilitation and recovery for those experiencing homelessness, radical transformation is possible.


Witness amazing transformations in these powerful testimonies of lives restored.


Stories of Hope

Meet men and women who have overcome homelessness because of your care and compassion.

Meet Scott

“I don’t have any emptiness in me anymore.”

Being homeless, you don’t feel like you’re worth anything…

Struggling with the pain of this neglect and abandonment, Scott turned to substances, and eventually lived on the streets as an adult.

Meet Brandon

I’ve been born again.​

Brandon blamed himself for his father’s death.

“I know I didn’t give my father kidney failure… but I just wondered if there was something I could have done to make everything different.”

Follow Alumni of Mission Academy to see their journeys of healing and recovery and how their lives have continued to flourish years after graduating.

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Invest Monthly in Ongoing Life Change

When you become part of the Home Team, you are a lifeline for people experiencing homelessness, abuse, poverty and addiction – putting other’s needs above your own.

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