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Mission Academy for Men & Single Dads

Restoring the lives of men and single dads with children in San Diego

Mission Academy, a residential 12-month program allows men to find the restoration and healing they need to be successful. The program is built on Biblical principles, leading to lasting, transformative change. Our goal is to get men back on their feet permanently.

Mission Academy is so much more than a shelter.
It’s a catalyst for a hope-filled future.

Need Help?

Your life matters. We believe that you were created on purpose for a purpose. If you need a pause from life to focus on your wellness, we are here to help.

Eligible Participants

  • Men and Women ages 18 and older
  • Single parents up to four people per household (children ages 2-17)


  • Willing to follow a structured program that provides a faith-based approach
  • Personal ownership in addressing the causes of your homelessness
  • Pass a drug test and accept a sober living environment
  • Able to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

What to Bring

  • Form of identification

Students of Mission Academy face a variety of challenges: poverty, substance abuse, toxic relationships, and more. Each student has access to a variety of classes and resources to address the specific challenges leading to homelessness:

Semester 1


Each student entering into Mission Academy spends the first 4 months of the program focusing on wellness. They will visit the doctor and dentist for health evaluations, begin therapy sessions, and adjust to life at The Mission.

training and resources for homeless in san diego

Semester 2

 Education & Training

Students then move into the education and training semester of the academy, where they pursue the next level of education or certification needed to achieve their individual goals. This includes higher education and vocational training.

Semester 3

Employment & Housing

Students in the third semester focus on securing employment and a place to live. Each student works closely with their Advocate to find work within their field of interest, as well as a sustainable housing option.

preschool classes for homeless children

Marcus, Mission Academy

The Mission saves lives. It’s saving mine. The Bible says, the people perish for lack of vision. I had no vision and was in a desolate place with no way out.

Since I’ve been here, I wake up every morning, I have joy unspeakable. I’m the happiest person.