Our housing programs are specialized to provide the stability, security, and comfort needed to allow individuals to focus on their most pressing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Hunger Relief

bulletHunger Relief

Our hunger relief programs provide those who need them the critical, nutritious meals that will lead to greater health and renewed energy, enabling them to continue on their journey and work toward their goals.

Mental Health Counseling

bulletMental Health Counseling

Those living on the street face more than physical challenges. We offer services to meet the needs of the individual, providing him/her the best chance to live as a healthy, contributing member of the community.

Alumni Aftercare

bulletAlumni Aftercare

Our Alumni Aftercare program allows alumni to take advantage of the benefits and assistants we offer our clients, including job referrals, emergency care packages, volunteer opportunities, and much more!



Our education/awareness programs create new levels of understanding about the issue of homelessness in San Diego County and how we help change lives, and provide the inspiration to act towards solutions.

Client Stories

bulletClient Stories

While our staff and volunteers could speak for hours about the struggles of those on the streets and how they are overcome, it is the messages from those clients themselves that are the most inspiring.