21% of homeless San Diegans are in families. Homeless children have more health problems including respiratory infections, poor nutrition and lack of immunizations. They tend to have delays in their development, and they suffer from anxiety, emotional distress, and toxic stress. Academically they struggle to keep up with their peers. The Rescue Mission recognizes early intervention has a positive impact on children experiencing homelessness. Early childhood education programs allow a place for children to be safe and feel secure throughout the day. They help children grow physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. Childhood education also helps families get the resources they need to become stable and healthy.

Serving children of women in the Rescue Mission’s year-long recovery center, transitional housing and overnight-shelter, the curriculum focuses on developing healthy social and emotional skills. Teachers are trained in helping children in crisis and with special needs. A low 1:6 ratio further ensures children will receive the attention and care they require in order to develop to their potential. Our classroom is designed to be comfortable and home-like and is equipped with learning centers to spark interest and exploration. The classroom accommodates large and small group times, as well as, quiet and active play times. We also enjoy an outdoor playground and classroom “in the sky.”

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