12-Month Residential Recovery Program

Men's CenterSan Diego Rescue Mission meets the critical, diverse needs of homeless, poor and/or addicted men through our 12-month residential rehabilitation program, providing the tools, training and support to permanently transform their lives. At the very center of this state-licensed recovery program is the beginning and/or strengthening of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Men’s Center incorporates a holistic approach to recovery, addressing the needs of the mind, body, and soul. By doing so we help our residents confront and overcome the problems that led to homelessness in the first place.

Men's CenterIn addition to providing basic services such as shelter, food, and case management, our program also integrates practical life skills such as vocational training and educational classes. Work therapy and individual therapy assist in the recovery of each client, and Bible study classes add to the men’s total transformation.

Upon graduation, our goal is that all men live both independently as part of society, but also depend on their relationships with Jesus Christ.

In the residential transition period that follows on site, we remain available to assist our graduates in obtaining housing and employment, giving them their greatest chances for success in returning to the outside world as a contributing member of society.

*The Men’s Center Program is not a drop off facility. Clients and other providers are encouraged to call before coming in to check on the availability of space.

Watch Our Videos

Watch our graduates talk about how the San Diego Rescue Mission changed their lives.

Our Comprehensive Classes

Our comprehensive classes help transform residents, bring them closer to Jesus Christ, and enable them to overcome addictions and unhealthy relationships. Classes include:

  • Math and English

    with preparation for the GED exam if needed

  • Anger Management

    help manage and deal with anger in stressful situations

  • Life Skills

    problem solving, conflict resolution, time management, coping skills, etc.

  • Substance Abuse Recovery

    help with the healing process and bring individuals back on the road to recovery

  • Finance/Money Management

    how to save and spend your earnings

  • Relapse prevention class

  • Genesis Process Class