12-Month Residential Recovery Program

This program has the biggest share of our heart. That’s because our 12-month, comprehensive Women and Children’s Center program helps get families back on their feet, kids back in school, and hope back in their lives.

Services for Women

Women and Children's CenterThrough this unique residential program, women are able to find the healing they need while simultaneously continuing to raise their children. The Women and Children’s Center provides long-term treatment to residents while incorporating Biblical principles into their lives, leading to lasting, transformative change.

In addition to meeting basic needs such as food and shelter, the Women and Children’s Center includes specialized classes, parenting and life skills training, therapy, and skills-building geared toward helping residents avoid abusive relationships.

In the residential transition period here at the Mission after graduation, we remain available to assist our residents in obtaining housing and employment, giving them their greatest chances for success in returning to the outside world as a contributing member of society.

Services for Children

Women and Children's CenterIn addition to our work with women in need, special attention is paid to the youngsters living in the Women and Children’s Center.

School-aged children receive such services as after-school tutoring, individual on-site counseling, school supplies and a secure playground.

Toddlers find a warm, stimulating environment in the Children’s Center. A licensed preschool, the Children’s Center focuses on developing healthy social and emotional skills.

Watch Our Videos

Watch our graduates talk about how the San Diego Rescue Mission changed their lives.

Our Comprehensive Classes

Our comprehensive classes help transform residents, bring them closer to Jesus Christ, and enable them to overcome addictions and unhealthy relationships. Classes include:

  • Bible Study

    Unite as we find the power of Jesus Christ

  • High School Level Classes

    with preparation for the GED exam if needed

  • Overcoming Domestic Violence

    deal with domestic troubles and feel at ease

  • Health Improvement

    look our for the well being of our bodies

  • Anger Management

    help manage and deal with anger in stressful situations

  • Addiction Recovery

    get back on track and take control of your life

  • Finance/Money Management

    how to save and spend your earnings

  • Positive Choices (Self-Esteem)

    believe in the power of the individual and choose your path

  • Parenting

    become a loving and more supportive parent for your children