2nd Avenue Transitional Housing is a multi phase transitional housing program designed for single adults working towards self sufficiency.

Our mission is to address the various needs of the individual within a trauma informed care framework that focuses on healing previous barriers to independence.  We are able to accommodate a diverse group of individuals by offering two tracks; one focused on finding and maintaining employment, and the other finding alternate routes for client’s with disabilities to be active and resourceful within their greater community.

Housing Arrangement & Program Criteria

All who meet the criteria below are welcome to apply either through a referral from another community organization or on a walk-in basis.  This housing arrangement is also an excellent step down from our recovery programs, and a great answer to those in our emergency shelter who are working, but are not earning enough to support themselves.

Criteria for entering the program:

  • Individuals in the program are required to have some form of taxable income and be sober from drugs/alcohol for at least six months prior to entry. With this income they must agree to save at least 30% per month, and pay a monthly bed fee of 30% of their income or 300.00 (whichever is less). A $50 deposit is due the day of intake.
  • Intensive case management is a corner stone of our work with clients and where we assist them with the creation and implementation of both long term and short term goals.  Clients are held to a high level of accountability not only for their finances, but also how they are spending their time in the community.
  • Individuals commit to spending between fifteen and thirty hours in the community building relationships and investing in their futures through a combination of school, work, volunteer work, or mental day treatment groups, depending on the client’s individualized treatment plan.

While the program does provide structure, it also strives to model what living independently will be like as much as possible; giving clients an opportunity to take full responsibility for their own decisions while still being in a secure and supportive environment.

The men’s program is set up dormitory style with large rooms and one large communal bathroom.  Single women share either four or eight person rooms with individual bathrooms in each room. There are five rooms dedicated to women with children. Each is furnished with cribs or basinets as needed and has its own bathroom.  Staff is onsite twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


Ashley Brown, Program Manager
(619) 819-1780


Ashley Frez, Program Director
(619) 819-1722