Gifts of Stock

Thank you your interest in making a gift of stock to help homeless men, women, and children at San Diego Rescue Mission!

Please contact Mark Lagace for the stock transfer information sheet you will need to make your gift of stock.

619-819-1851 |

Thanks again and God bless!

*We do not provide our stock transfer information online. Some brokerage firms will make the transfer to our account without identifying their client, the donor. That prevents us from providing the donor a proper acknowledgement and receipt for tax purposes. Thank you for understanding.

Gifts of Real Estate

Learn how a well-designed real estate exit strategy can benefit San Diego Rescue Mission and provide you greater lifetime income.

Real Estate Exit StrategiesReal Estate Exit StrategiesBenefits of Donating Real Estate include:

  • Capital Gains Avoided
  • Income Taxes Lowered
  • Cash in Hand Increased
  • Lifetime Income Maximized
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy


Mark Lagace

For further information and assistance contact
Mark Lagace, Individual Gifts Manager
Gift and Estate Design Services Office
619-819-1851 |

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