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Ty at SDRM Fall Graduation

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Fall Graduation Recap 2019

Celebrating Your Provision of Hope in the lives of our graduates!

Last Saturday, family, friends, staff, Rescue Mission alumni, and donors like YOU gathered to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of our students at Fall Graduation. Along with that, we celebrated that THERE ARE SOLUTIONS TO HOMELESSNESS in our community. Your faith, compassion, and support for the Rescue Mission are a crucial part of these solutions.

This Fall, 40 men, women, and children have successfully completed our 12-month program! Because of you, 40 individuals who were once homeless and hurting have experienced recovery and hope. We are truly ecstatic to see a group of hard-working individuals overcome homelessness and start anew!

Thank YOU for continuing to believe in our students through your compassion and giving. Your continued support provides the crucial resources, restoration, and hope that our students experience at the Rescue Mission!

Be sure to join us for our next graduation in the Spring! For now, watch the recap video to see the amazing results of your support at the San Diego Rescue Mission!

Fall Graduate

Your Impact | Sleepless 2019 Recap

Sleepless 2019: an amazing evening that brought our community together around our city’s #1 issue: homelessness. By attending, volunteering, and donating, families and people of all ages made an impact on our homeless. What was the impact?

Through the support of our sponsors and you, who peer to peer fundraised, we raised $160,000 to address homelessness in San Diego! Every dollar goes directly to the men, women and children experiencing homelessness in San Diego.

A big thanks to major sponsors:

Through your generous support and efforts, $40,700 of our campaign was raised through peer to peer fundraising alone. Together, we really can be the change our city needs!

Shout out to our top fundraising teams:
First place: Procopio
Second place: Hope
Third Place: Christian JH & HS

Hats off to you all for leading the way in our competition!

The impact and success of Sleepless 2019 would not have been possible without the help and support of our 60 volunteers. Our volunteers partnered with Rescue Mission Staff to provide an exceptional experience for all our participants this year! Sleepless was a major success thanks to participants, volunteers, and donors like YOU who decided to BE THE CHANGE that our community needs.

Attendees register under white tents at Sleepless 2019
Michael Ketterer performs with band on stage at Sleepless 2019

Join us in being the change at our Sleepless Service Day! Say “yes” to making a difference and be a part of reaching our homeless on the streets. Thank you for being a part of Sleepless 2019!

Sleepless Service Day

Saturday, October 26th
Downtown Clean-up & Outreach to the homeless
Meeting location to be announced
We will be cleaning up the streets of downtown San Diego, passing out the “I See You” kits, blankets, and puppy packs you created at Sleepless. It will be a great way to get out and show people their worth & value.
To RSVP: Sign up here: https://www.sdrescue.org/ServiceDay/

Mark your calendars for next year’s Sleepless: September 26th, 2020!

Allegra Vieux
Sleepless Organizer
Marketing & Events Coordinator
San Diego Rescue Mission

Young girl wearing Sleepless shirt sits on cot at Sleepless 2019