Holiday MealsSome of the loneliest times of the year for those living on the streets can be the holiday seasons.

We believe they don’t have to be, and so three times each year – on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, we open our doors to the homeless, poor, and lonely men, women and children in the San Diego community.

These special events offer hundreds of home-cooked meals and entertainment for those who might otherwise have no food, companionship, or celebration during the holidays. Generous chefs from local restaurants often partner with us and assist in preparing the feasts.

In addition to traditional, complete meals, all guests are provided with:

  • Praise and worship music
  • Small care packages
  • Items for children, such as toys, hygiene products and clothing.
  • Information about our long-term recovery programs
  • Warm smiles from volunteers and staff
  • A reminder that God loves them!