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Thank you for giving Tony a new beginning.

Because of you, he has joy in his heart this Easter!

“I couldn’t accept the fact that I was homeless…”

Easter 2023

Tony enjoyed a close relationship with his mother, even as an adult. So losing her left a gaping hole in his life.

“For five years after her death, I was empty inside,” he says. Although his grief was constant, Tony learned to live with it, turning to alcohol to numb the unending loneliness and loss.

“I was able to maintain a job and was functional for a while, but then people started to notice,” he says. At his lowest point, Tony lost his job… fell into trouble with the law… and was sleeping in his truck.

“I knew I was struggling… but I couldn’t accept the fact that I was homeless,” he says.

Then his vehicle was totaled. In shock, Tony felt like he’d lost his home. With nowhere else to stay, he came to the San Diego Rescue Mission and his life began to change.

“The Rescue Mission gave me the foundation and tools I needed to rebuild my life.”

After losing everything, Tony was grateful for the support of our Mission Academy program. He was paired with an advocate who helped guide him on his recovery journey. “She holds me accountable,” Tony says. “I’m developing new habits, and my health is excellent now.”

Through classes like anger management and financial literacy, Tony has also learned valuable skills to help him build a stable life. “I’m learning how to budget and manage my money,” he says. “The real test doesn’t start until I leave here, but here, they give you the foundation and the tools.”

Thanks to the guidance of our staff, he even started the process of looking for long-term housing! He recently graduated from our program and has been applying to jobs.

With Jesus’ love in his heart and hope for the future, Tony is grateful for your support this Easter. “The Rescue Mission showed me love when I didn’t love myself… Now I put God first every day, and the blessings just keep coming.”

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Help Other People Like Tony…

Tony’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women find healing. Will you provide this help to others?